Tej Kohli: The Bionic British Kids Who Are Ready To Take On The World

Tilly Lockey has become an inspirational poster girl for young people with limb difference
Launch of the Tej Kohli Foundation’s Future Bionics program

Tilly from County Durham

Take Tilly from County Durham. Tilly is not a recipient of bionic arms from the Tej Kohli Foundation, but an ambassador for UK-based manufacturer Open Bionics who created the arms. Since receiving her arms Tilly has become an inspirational poster girl for other young people who also live with limb difference. Her stated objective is to make bionic arms fashionable and she wants to see them appear in the top catwalk shows worldwide.

Since receiving her bionic arms Tilly Lockey has appeared on the red carpet at the world premiere of Alita: Battle Angel alongside Director James Cameron.
Tilly Lockey meets with Future Bionics recipient Jacob Pickering at the launch of the Tej Kohli Foundation’s new program in the United Kingdom.
Tilly Lockey explains the Hero Arm to future recipient Jacob Pickering

Jacob from Blackburn, UK

Christmas came early for 10-year-old Jacob from Blackburn when he received his bionic arm as a present from the Tej Kohli Foundation in December 2019. Jacob was born without his left lower arm due to amniotic band syndrome, a rare condition that can damages a foetus’s limbs in the womb.

Source: The Telegraph
Jacob Pickering opens his new bionic arm during Christmas 2019
Source: The Daily Mail
Jacob Pickering meeting UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in ear

Emma from Aberdeen, UK*

It is easy to be cynical in a world of ‘influencers’ about the worth that they bring to the world. But we have learned through the Future Bionics program just how important it is for young people with disabilities to be able to go online and see others like them doing well. Not every young person with a bionic arm is destined to become an influencer, but it is important that those who can assume their position as an important role model to others like them.

Emma’s new 3D printed bionic arm being prepared for shipment.

Jacob from Birmingham, UK*

And not every story needs to be big. One of the most recent recipients of a bionic arm from the Tej Kohli Foundation is Jacob, a 15-year-old who was born with an absent lower forearm and hand. At fifteen Jacob is very conscious of his self-image. Like Tilly he also aspires to ‘normal but different’.

Jacob’s new bionic arm being prepared for shipment.

Technological Betterment

These younger people provide a peak through the window into a world where technology is creating human betterment. When technologies such as 3D printing start to become endemic in their application, and entrepreneurs and engineers are able to use them to create new solutions. A world where the promise of technology is increasingly fulfilled. And in my view this is only the beginning of a brave new technology driven world.

Tej Kohli Foundation Future Bionics recipients Harrison and Jacob watch a bionic arm being 3D printed.



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Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is a technologist and investor who is best known for curing blindness in the developing world as co-founder of the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation