OpenAI CEO Calls for Artificial Intelligence Regulation

Tej Kohli
3 min readMay 18, 2023


Image created using OpenAI’s DALL-E 2

The creator and CEO of the polarising ChatGPT has called upon US law and policymakers to regulate the use and development of artificial intelligence technology.

Rapid Advancements

OpenAI has shot into the public sphere over the last few years due to its development of programs such as the DALL-E 2, an image creator and ChatGPT, a content creator. Both pieces of software have divided those involved in the AI ecosystem due to their capabilities and also their dangers.

The discourse concerning the regulation and ethical utilisation of AI technology persists and progresses, with experts, policymakers, and the general public engaging in ongoing discussions and debates on the most effective approach to this matter.

Striking a crucial balance between the potential advantages of AI and its associated risks becomes paramount, necessitating the development and deployment of this technology in a manner that prioritises safety, ethics, and alignment with human values.

In front of the US Senate committee, the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman discussed progress, possibilities and downsides of AI. Although Altman is the creator of OpenAI, he has not refrained from speaking about his concerns regarding ethical issues within AI.

Making a bold claim, Altman stated that artificial intelligence has the potential to be as big as the printing press in terms of changing the way we work.

Democratic Issues

During his testimony, Altman expressed his worries about the profound impact that AI could have on the democratic process. One of his primary areas of concern centered around the potential misuse of AI technology to manipulate and distribute targeted misinformation during critical moments such as elections.

Mr. Altman underscored the prospect of AI being harnessed as a powerful tool to propagate tailored disinformation, specifically designed to sway public opinion, undermine trust in democratic systems, and disrupt the electoral process. Such a scenario posed a significant threat to the integrity and fairness of elections, potentially leading to distorted outcomes.

Recognising the far-reaching implications, the OpenAI CEO also emphasised the need for robust safeguards to address these challenges. He stressed that it was imperative to stay vigilant and proactive in countering the potential misuse of AI, safeguarding the democratic process, and preserving the principles of transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making.

By shedding light on the potential risks associated with AI-enabled misinformation campaigns, Altman aimed to draw attention to a critical aspect of the ongoing discourse surrounding AI ethics and regulation.

It can be said that this testimony may have served as a wake-up call, urging people to possbily take immediate action in establishing frameworks that strike a delicate balance between technological advancements and the protection of democratic values.

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