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Tej Kohli
3 min readSep 1, 2023


Dr Sanduk Ruit, Tej Kohli and Isabelle Kohli in Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan

Traditional approaches to charity have created some of the most successful outreach programmes across the world. However, as we venture into a new age, it is vital that we begin to recognise how we can go a step further.

There are thousands of unique communities across the globe, each with its own unique set of challenges. What do we do when the issues are unavoidable? We support, we uplift and we find a new path.

Finding this new path can often come with its own set of issues. You have to question, is this financially sustainable, is it ethically correct and is it the right thing to do? When all those questions are answered with a yes, there is no need to hesitate. It is this thought process that has seen me delve into various philanthropic ventures. From supporting young children in Costa Rica to curing needless blindness around the world, support must always continue.

Since 2021, Dr Sanduk Ruit and I have been uplifting communities in Ghana, Nepal and Bhutan. We have cured over 48,000 people with no intention to stop. Our teams are able to reach some of the most vulnerable people in the most isolated regions and give them back their sight.

Dr Sanduk Ruit and Tej Kohli with a patient in Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan

My team and I have found that when we speak to people about our work, they often come back with the same question: How do you cure blindness?

It is a little-known fact that 90% of the world’s cataract blind population lives across the developing world. The fact that cataract blindness can be cured for around $50 in 7 minutes is also fairly unknown. Which leads me to think — why would you know?

But why should this knowledge be commonplace when, in more developed nations, cataract surgeries are routine, accessible, and often taken for granted? In stark contrast, individuals in countries like Nepal face insurmountable barriers to even the most basic medical services.

It is high time for those of us fortunate enough to reside in the Western world to open our eyes to the hardships endured elsewhere. We possess the power to eradicate the needless suffering caused by cataracts, to elevate millions from the depths of poverty, and to instill a sense of hope in the hearts of those who have long been forgotten.

Jun Maya Gurang, a Tej Kohli and Ruit Foundation patient in Nepal

Here is where we step in, not merely transporting patients to hospitals but bringing the hospital to them. Our dedicated teams endure arduous journeys, traveling for hours to reach remote mountainous regions, where we establish temporary hospitals within schools or temples. Here, we broadcast our message across the region: free cataract surgery is available to those in need.

As we look forward, our vision is crystal clear. We see a world where every individual, regardless of their place of birth, enjoys the fundamental right to sight and a life free from preventable suffering. We envision a future where the Western world’s collective compassion extends far beyond its borders, where we take responsibility for the well-being of our global community.

Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation patients in Hetuada, Nepal

In finding this new path, we embark on a transformative journey — one that transcends borders, cultures, and differences. Together, we illuminate the path to a brighter, more equitable future, where kindness knows no boundaries, and the light of hope shines in every corner of the world.

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